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1 day / 100 miles / 8500 ft on a Citi Bike

NYC May 20, 2018

I’ve done the 100 mile GFNY race from NYC to the top of Bear Mountain and back twice and placed in the top 25% both times on a $7000 bike (which I sold for rent shortly there after). At 20 miles left to go in the last one, I vaguely remember thinking to myself, “when I’m done with this, I’m never biking that far again.”
Fast forward a few years and I’m back in NYC and kind of back on my feet (thanks EPIC Hybrid Training!!). And I’m back on a bike. A Citi bike that is.
I’ve literally fallen in love with biking again. Now I could rent a fancy sub 16 pound beast of a bike for a day to ride the GFNY, which always falls on my birthday weekend, again. Hopefully I’d get that top 25%, but I am tired of being just good and it’s been a while since I tested myself (aka doing something I am completely not trained for – like that time I went to Nicaragua for a 24 hour Survival race on a training regiment of just three mile runs). 
I’m a huge fan of David Goggins (google him). What would DG do here? It would probably look like this: just grab any bike and do it.
Well, I do have a Citi Bike membership (and I like breaking rules) which gives me access to a whole stable of 45 pound, three gear bikes for my choosing. Come May 20th I will be at the starting line with 5000 other spandex bike weenies on a blue beast.

I ask you to consider donating a dollar for every mile ridden to one of two charities supporting veterans and their families. This is motivation for me to get in as many miles – if not all 100 of them- in.

Why these two particular charities? Well one, a Navy SEAL run company called Frog Fuel has been supporting me with this awesome protein and fuel for a couple of years now. Two, who doesn’t love dogs? 

May 21 (maybe the 22nd if I can’t move) I’ll update this page with however many miles ridden.
If you’re a cyclist, I’d love some company along the ride. I’m pretty confident I’ll be the last one on the course.

The result: if a picture is worth a thousand words… (I did it).