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City Bike Race


racea citi bike®5-19-2018New York City


How fast can a citi bike®* be racedif a citi bike®*could be raced in the City?But this is not a race(our lawyer friendmade us say that)Bike from north of 100th streetto somewhere in Sohofor a little party.First personto start their ride at 9AMto arrive and showtheir citi bike®* app log of ridewins!

Saturday May 19, 9 AMManhattan

  1. 9AM Pick up a bike

    Check out a bike anywhere north of 100th street

  2. Ride

    Ride south. Pick your own route.

  3. Dock Your Bike

    Dock a bike anywhere south of Houston Street

  4. Show Your App Ride Log

    Show your citi bike app ride log at party location.

  5. Afterparty

    Need we say more? Winners will announced. Meet your fellow racers and get some samples from our sponsors.


Are you the fastest on a citi bike® in New York?

On Saturday May 19th you’ll have your chance to find out. Thirty bucks (to a good cause) says you aren’t.

Grab a citi bike®  from anywhere north of 100th Street and dock it anywhere below Houston street. You pick the route. Show up at the secret after party location in SoHo. Present your citi bike® app log of the ride. Fastest time “wins*”.  Hang out with 200 other citi bike® lovers

*Shhh!!!! Remember,  if anyone asks, this isn’t a race.

  • Event takes place rain or shine (no alternate raid dates)
  • No refunds – all proceeds go directly to the charities
  • Prizes to fastest male and female
  • shout outs to fasted partner team and to the best-dressed rider  – your interpretation here is key
  • You must use a citi bike® with either an active day pass, three day pass or annual membership, and use official citi bike® docking stations
  • If you are using a day pass or a single ride, you MUST have a citi bike account and use your account to purchase the pass.
  • You will show your log from your last race on your Citi Bike Account Summary (on the website, not the app) at the after party to verify start and end times and docks used. It is highly advised that you try logging in to view the details of your last ride before the race. Only participants who show a valid log entry will be considered for prizes.
  • You cannot alter the citi bike® in anyway (pedals, saddle, motor, etc)
  • Follow all citi bike® bike policies, terms and conditions (there we said it)
  • Bike must be checked out 9 AM eastern time or later, May 19, 2018.
  • Bike must be checked out of a dock located anywhere on 100th Street or north of 100th Street.
  • To officially complete the event and end the ride, bike must be docked anywhere on or south of Houston Street.
  • If you can’t find a bike at the start of the “event,” go to another dock in the start zone until you find one.
  • If you can’t find an open doc to end the “event,” go to another dock in the finish zone until you find one.
  • The rest is up to you.

Prizes will awarded to the overall male and female winners.

The group will collectively award the “best dressed” rider – up to your interpretation as to what that means.

We’ll have swag bags with samples and deals from our sponsors for each participant.

1st Place Male + Female Prizes

  • Athletic Greens: 1 x Athletic Greens 360g bag, 1 x Athletic Greens Shaker, 1 x Omega 3, 1 x Vitamin D3+K2
  • City Challenge Race: 1 entry into the New York City Challenge Race
  • EPIC Hybrid Training:  10 Class Pack
  • Frog Fuel: 1x box Frog Fuel Power Protein, 1x box Frog Fuel Ultra Energized
  • Gnarly Nutrition: 1x canister Gnarly Pump, 1x Gnarly BCAAs
  • IHT Massage, Kait L. Holbrook LMT, CNMT: One 30 minute Clinical Massage Therapy Treatment. The session will focus on helping to promote post-race recovery, as well as working to relieve areas of tension and discomfort by correcting imbalances and releasing muscle restrictions. The massage session will be individually catered to the specific needs of the person receiving treatment.
  • New York Coin: 100,000 New York Coin

2nd Place: Nothing (2nd place is the first loser)

After Party

After you’ve found your way to SoHo, join us at Ground Support. Event winners will be announced. Winners’ prizes and participant swag bags will be given out. Get together with your fellow crazy riders for some snacks, refreshments and receive some product samples from our sponsors.

Risk & Liability

You could die.  Ride and and choose your route at your own discretion and risk. You acknowledge that riding a citi bike® in New York City means operating a bicycle on active roadways with traffic and pedestrians.

Not affiliated with citi bike

This event is not organized or affiliated with citi bike® or its affiliates.  It is not sanctioned by citi bike® or its partner companies.  The use of a citi bike® assumes the rider accepts the terms and conditions set forth by citi bike®.

Dear citi bike®, please don’t sue us (and by us, I mean me). This event is financially in the red – all proceeds go to charity and costs (i.e. targeting your Instagram and Facebook followers) come out of pocket.

But Really, Why?!

If I have to tell you, this race may not be for you. Like Lance said, it’s not about the bike.  OK, in this case it kind of is.

Because citi bike® rules.  Because every time I take the subway I wish I took a citi bike®  Because getting home from the July 4th fireworks (or anywhere) is best done on a citi bike®

Because you can fall in love with New York (again) on a citi bike®. Because you can fall in love on a citi bike®

For a good cause. That sound when the dock station light turns green (green means go).

– Paul B., founder of City Bike Race.

100% of proceedsgo to charity

Coalition for Queens
increases economic opportunity through technology and transform the world’s most diverse community into a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Established in 2011, they are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit that aims to create a tech community that is reflective of our society, with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Military Family Clinic at NYU Langone
NYU Langone’s Cohen Veterans Center’s experts offer individual, couples, child, and family-focused therapy for veterans and their families.

Navy SEAL Foundation
The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.

Register for $30Pick one of the three charitiesdonate $30(we don't touch a dime)

That's it.We'll email you a confirmation,rules + after party infoThank you.

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